Mini MAAC Child Care in Amarillo

Life-long healthy habits of an active life-style and healthy eating are learned beginning at a young age at Mini MAAC.

The MAAC has long been known for our devotion to teaching kids martial arts. While learning Tae Kwon do, students learn discipline, respect, self-control, and build self-esteem, all while being physically active. By starting children at the earliest age, they will develop a love of the sport and have a greater chance of remaining physically active through belt testing and ranking up in the sport for years to come as Tae Kwon do and martial arts in general is viewed as a “lifetime sport.”
By adding the component of yoga, the physical will meet the mental as children are taught to concentrate on the here and now. Yoga enhances motor skills and balance, helping children reach developmental milestones for these age groups. Studies show that yoga in the classroom setting improves students’ listening skills, eases anxiety and stress and enhances their focus, concentration, and memory.

Nutrition is a key component in the healthy development of children. Mini MAAC believes in teaching kids healthy choices regarding food and helping parents understand the building blocks of nutrition for their youngsters. By not allowing certain items such as sodas and candy as lunch and snack items, Mini MAAC is sending a message that healthier options are a necessity.  

Mini MAAC Child Care Amarillo

At the Mini Martial Arts & Athletic Center, the MAAC, your children are our first priority.
Our goal is to help parents raise healthy, happy, self-sufficient, children,
who grow up to be ambitious adults with productive lives. 


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