Mini MAAC Child Care in Amarillo

Each child’s behavior is expected to meet the behavioral standards set at Mini MAAC. The staff at the Mini Martial Arts & Athletic Center will intervene when a child’s behavior threatens his/her safety or the safety of others, is causing destruction of property, or is disrupting the activities of others. We offer an environment in which children are encouraged to develop respect for one another, authority, and the property of others. Each child will be treated as an individual and the specific consequences for unacceptable behavior will depend on the circumstances surrounding the incident.

The MAAC uses two methods of Behavior tracking while children are in care. For children 18mths to 2 years redirection and timeout will be used. The MAAC Color Chart for Behavior is used for children 3 & 4 years and old. Detailed handouts are available upon request.

All parents/families must sign the “Student Discipline Policy” in the admission packet and are welcome to ask any questions regarding this topic at that time.

In general, the following behavior intervention methods may be used:

A staff member may approach the child on an individual basis and discuss the child’s inappropriate behavior, remind him/her of the rules, and discuss positive alternative forms of behavior.
If the inappropriate behavior persists or the child poses a safety risk to himself or others, the child may be removed from the activity or the activity area and once again, reminded of the rules,
and encouraged to find positive alternative forms of behavior.
If your child demonstrates a persistent need for staff intervention because of inappropriate behavior, the program director will request a parent/teacher conference to discuss the child’s needs and behavior.

Suspension and Termination of Care

Ongoing inappropriate behavior, aggressive behavior and/or violent behavior that threatens the safety of the child, other children or the staff may result in suspension or termination.
Serious problems with your child’s behavior could result in the termination of care for your child.

For a more detailed description of our disciplinary mission and guidelines, please read the form to be signed and dated by the parent/guardian in the admission packet. 

Mini MAAC Child Care Amarillo

At the Mini Martial Arts & Athletic Center, the MAAC, your children are our first priority.
Our goal is to help parents raise healthy, happy, self-sufficient, children,
who grow up to be ambitious adults with productive lives. 


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