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Parents must contact the Martial Arts and Athletic Center’s office to make arrangements to enroll their child with all admission papers completed, turned in and all necessary fees paid to the Mini MAAC office before the child(ren) attends the Mini MAAC program. The Mini Martial Arts and Athletic Center reserves the right to change fees, hours of operation, policies and the locations of programs with a 14 day posted notice to parents.

Fee and Payments
Child-Care Fees
The following policies apply to child-care payments:
All program fees are based on days of scheduled care, i.e. Mon.-Fri., not actual child attendance.
Program fees must be paid in advance on a Monthly, Bi- Weekly or Weekly basis or a 1st and 15th schedule. Fees are due by the 1st Friday of each month or the Friday prior to the week of care if you pay weekly or bi-weekly.
A statement based on your fees and any fees for late pickups or late payments will be given to you when picking up your child.
There will be no refunds or credit given for absences or vacations from the program.
The payment may be made by cash, check, money order, debit/credit card or auto-draft. Checks or money orders should be made payable to the Mini MAAC.

All returned checks or insufficient funds via auto-draft are subject to a $30.00 bank handling charge, as well as a $10.00 late payment charge.

There will be an additional charge for care on days which a parent needs care during unscheduled hours.

Late Payment Fees
The following policies apply to fees charged for late payments:
Fees are due by the first Friday of the month and will be considered delinquent if not received by the following Friday. If you pay weekly or bi-weekly, fees are due the Friday prior to the week of scheduled child-care.

A charge of $10.00 will be added to the current month’s bill for all payments received after the fifth of the month, or for payments made weekly that are not received by Friday of the week prior to care.

A notice to terminate service shall be sent to the parent if fees become delinquent.

This notice will state the total amount of unpaid fees and the date upon which services will be terminated if the delinquent fees are not paid in full prior to the stated date of termination of services.

If fees have not been paid by the stated date of termination of services, then your child will no longer be enrolled in the program and will not be allowed to attend the MAAC. It is distressing for both the child and the child care staff to turn a child away because of delinquent fees, so please do not bring your child to the program if your fees are delinquent.

Because we are a fee-supported program, we are unable to extend credit or make provisions for delinquent fee payment plans.

DOWNLOAD Parent Student Handbook Sep 2020

Late Pick-up Fees
It is extremely important, for both children and staff, that parents are on time picking up children from MAAC Attack/SSC.
After 6:00pm a $25.00 fee per child in care for the first 15 minutes, and $5 per minute thereafter will be added to your bill. Example: 2 kids are picked up at 6:17. The charge would be $70.00. This payment is due at the time of pickup, or before the children are picked up from school/dropped off at the MAAC the next day. Children will not be allowed back at the MAAC until this fee is paid.

If an emergency occurs and you anticipate that you will be late picking up your child, please make arrangements for one of the authorized individuals on your child’s emergency information form to pick up your child at the designated pick up time, 6:00.
If your child is picked up late more than three times during the school year or during Samurai Summer Camp, services for your child may be terminated.

You will be contacted via a phone call and notification in the Parental Note basket after the third offense with a notice that any further occurrence may result in immediate removal from the program.

Emergency Attendance Fee
In the event of an emergency situation and you need child care for a non-contracted day, call the office of the director, and, based on space availability and an adequate staff ratio, your child may be granted attendance. There is a $35.00 charge for this service in addition to the regular tuition charge incurred for the day.

If you withdraw your child with two weeks' written notice, all prepaid fees for services which would have been delivered after your child’s last day of enrollment will be refunded. Failure to give two weeks written notice when withdrawing your child will result in forfeiture of two weeks of prepaid fees. Any remaining prepaid fees will be refunded.

Withdrawing Your Child
If you wish to withdraw your child from the Mini MAAC, you must provide theMini MAAC office with a written notice two weeks in advance of the intended withdrawal date. If you choose to withdraw without notice, you will be required to pay the equivalent of two weeks tuition for your child.

Termination of Services
Children are subject to termination if parents demonstrate a disregard for the policies outlined in this handbook. Such as:
fees are delinquent

frequent late pickups of child(ren)
failure to comply with contract agreements for dates of service
failure to follow Mini MAAC rules

The Mini MAAC will provide parents with written notification of the breach of policy. If parents willfully continue to disregard the policies of the Mini MAAC program, they will be given notice of our intent to terminate services. If your child demonstrates exceptional needs that cannot be met by the Mini MAAC staff, we will request that you withdraw your child from the Mini MAAC program and seek care more appropriate to the needs of your child.

The Mini MAAC reserves the right to terminate services immediately for reasons such as but not limited to inability to effectively communicate with parents/family regarding best practices for child’s ongoing care, parent/family becomes belligerent, argumentative, hostile or threatening to Mini MAAC staff or other Mini MAAC parents while on Mini MAAC property, or reasonable agreements cannot be made regarding issues with childcare.

DOWNLOAD Parent Student Handbook Sep 2020

Credits for vacations are not allowed. Please refer to the Min iMAAC Holiday Closures for a list of the days during which the Mini MAAC will not be in operation. Summer vacations will require half pay to hold your child’s place in the program.

Any time your child(ren) is absent, you MUST call to inform the MAAC by 9am. Please see the “Illness” section for our rules regarding Illness Related Absences. 

Mini MAAC Child Care Amarillo

At the Mini Martial Arts & Athletic Center, the MAAC, your children are our first priority.
Our goal is to help parents raise healthy, happy, self-sufficient, children,
who grow up to be ambitious adults with productive lives. 





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