Mini MAAC Child Care in Amarillo

The job of a child is to play, this is how they learn. Our job is to make learning fun and accessible to our students. Teaching students the basics of the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors is but a small part of what they will learn at the Mini MAAC. Concepts of sharing, teamwork, and compromise are all learned through interaction with others. Through group play, athletics, martial arts and yoga, our students learn these concepts organically.

Toys such as legos, building blocks and small manipulatives are not only fun, but they help build fine motor skills. Outside time playing the “alphabet game” (finding items starting with the letter “a” and working through the alphabet) is not only fun, but gets the kids fresh air and exercise, brings them in touch with their surroundings, and fosters a sense of adventure. 

Mini MAAC Child Care Amarillo

At the Mini Martial Arts & Athletic Center, the MAAC, your children are our first priority.
Our goal is to help parents raise healthy, happy, self-sufficient, children,
who grow up to be ambitious adults with productive lives. 


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